Incoming tourism


We have organized conferences and exhibitions for a wide range of companies operating in different market sectors (Pharmaceutical Industry, Automobile Industry, Banking, Finance, IT, Publishing, Recruitment, Telecommunications, etc.) Our programs extend the imagination of even the most extensively travelled delegate. Look to the future on behalf of your company; reap the rewards by adding a little excitement and flair to make the next conference experience a memorable one. For us working on conferences is working with your ideas. Our aim is to create the perfect atmosphere for your negotiations and to give you the freedom you need, without having to worry about details.


Our services:

  • Project development
  • Site Inspections
  • Limousine and bus transfers
  • Backstage organization including secretary and hostess service, site decoration, organization and renting of audio-visual equipment with the necessary technicians, personal computers for you and your business partners, simultaneous translation, security
  • Invitation of guest speakers
  • Logistic and catering
  • Whatever your needs, we will find the perfect solution.


Conference and event organization

Our activity in conference and event organization is comprehensive, covering all the minute details of the preparations for and staging an event as well as jobs afterwards.

During our joint works our partners appreciate our precision, thoughtfulness and personal care.
We ensure our Client’s success behind the scenes.


We organize…
…site inspection tours
…a smooth registration
…the collection of registration fees



We arrange…
…the venue for the event
…accommodation for the delegates, participants
…up to date technical facilities for the event
…meals, banquets, coffee breaks
…special corporate and spouse programs
…transportations on land, water and air
…the entire administration

We work together with…
…the Client
…the colleagues at the location of the event
…the graphic design and printing firms
…the sponsors
…the exhibition building companies


VIP Groups

Promotion is not always just based in numbers and statistics but more and more as well arranged around persons with enormous pulling power: a renowned scientist, a politician, a successful businessman, your very important business partners, tutors, a star …. The possible list is endless and as infinite are the ways to award them or to keep awake their interest.

The main characteristic of a suitable VIP program is its complete personalization, build up and organized around the interest of the group members, ensuring at any time privacy, elegance, comfort and a high standard life style while considering their wishes. Our EVENT & INCENTIVE ORGANIZERS – team is known for its intuition and its careful attention, watching over the tiniest detail in order to guarantee unforgettable experiences for your VIPs’ and your success. Let us show you, what we are capable to do.